FLAMINGO series, Per Lütken (Holmegaard, 1953)


Looking at Lütken’s work one realizes this was the first series made using the sommerso technique, which appears in no more than ten of his designs, using in them very few colours: purple, blue, green, white or gray glass.

What’s really special from this series (and the BISON series) is the the visual effect created by refraction that makes you think there’s black glass inside, but there’s just green and clear glass in this design.

It is also one of the first “sculptorial” designs he ever created.

The series consists of four items: two orquid vases, simmilar in shape but of a different size (ref. 16028 for the one standing around 14 cm. tall and ref. 16029 for the one around 24 cm. tall), a third orquid vase with no base (ref. 16394, around 34 cm long), and an ashtray (ref. 16590). In 1956 a version of the bowl was made using white and clear glass.

ref. 16029. 23 cm. Signed: HOLMEGAARD 19PL58

ref. 16028. 15,5cm. Signed: HOLMEGAARD 19PL59

ref. 16590. 11,5 x 14 x 10 cm. Unsigned.

9 x 20 x 10,6 cm. Unsigned.


2 thoughts on “FLAMINGO series, Per Lütken (Holmegaard, 1953)

  1. Hi, I have a holmegaard vase which has the date 19 PL 59 on base and is very similar colour to the flamingo series, but I cannot find a picture of it anywhere it is curved and is like the shape of a basket then has a hole in the top for a small flower (I’m assuming) . An old aunty who passed away gave it to me and I would love some more information about it. Would you be able to help. Thank you Pili Gee.

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