CARNABY series, Per Lütken (Holmegaard, 1953)


The Carnaby series has become an icon of the design of the 1960s due to its bold shapes and the bright opaque colours in cased glass (red, coral -orange-, yellow, white and light blue)…  they all tell us about a simplicity that’s unique from that time.

It was designed by Per Lütken in 1968 and became a huge success. The greatest proof of that is that is that it was copied by a myriad of factories, so nowadays there is  a lot of confussion amongst non-experts about which piece is a Carnaby and which one isn’t. In general it’s said there are 16 shapes plus several rare ones (in both shape, colour and size). Also some designs from other series by Lütken (Safir or Majgron) or Jacob Bang (Capri) were also made in the Carnaby technique, and several prototypes by Lütken with more geometric shapes are kept at the Naestved Museum.

As for the colour rarities, in 1968 transparent ruby red glass was used, but dissaperared from 1969. From 1969 till 1976, year in which this series was discontinued, some yellow glasses do not have an opal layer on the inside, but another yellow layer; and in some cases the colour layer is on the inside of the vase, whereas the opal one was outside. Red and opal vases were not made until 1969.

This series, as well as the famous Gulvases by Otto Breuer made in Opal plus another colour, was made at Fyens Glassworks, already under Holmegaard’s management.

Amongst the normal shapes, there are three that were not designed by Lütken but Christer Holmgren. Well, in fact it is one design in three different sizes, and it is the narrow design with a conic base, a ball in the middle and a flat top, and the three sizes are 21 cm., 26 cm. and 31 cm.

H: 10,5 cm.

H: 13,5 cm.

H: 13,5 cm.

H: 15,5 cm.

H: 22,6 cm.

H: 23,5 cm.

H: 30,4 cm.

H: 13,3 cm.

H: 19,7 cm.

H: 16 cm.

H: 20,7 cm.

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