STAR set of decanter and glasses, Tamara Aladin (Riihimáki lasi, 1963)


This decanter belongs to the STAR series that Tamara Aladin designed in 1963. It is very special with its red ball stopper and also because of the tiny bubbles texture, but this was just the cause why this series was produced for a very short period of time: mixing glass and soda to create bubbles proved difficult to produce, as the bubbles made by the soda in the glass varied too much in size and the different pieces wouldn’t be of even quality. Thus, blowing all the different pieces and then having to chose the good ones and destroy those that wouldn’t fullfill the quality standards proved too expensive for production.

The STAR series consists of two decaters (1702 and 1703), three jugs (1110, 1111 and 1112)), one jar (1284) with two different lids (1284 and 1285), three plates (1282 and 1286), four bowls (1283) and drinking glasses (1014). They were produced between 1963 and 1965.

ref. 1703. 28 x 7 cm.

ref. 1014. 6,4 x 5,2 cm.