Packing glass

Austrohungaro wrote:

I think it’s happened to everyone: you buy a great glass item online, wait a long time to have it with you to enjoy it, and when you open the box…  it is broken (the scenario can be worst, and it has happened to me before: you buy several glass items from a seller, and when the postman gives you the box you can hear broken glass inside, and you think “Oh god, don’t let it be THAT special item”…). Luckily, sellers will always give your money back -not the shipping costs- after receiving a picture of the broken item, but it is not a question of money: that glass item may be irreplaceable!

So, whenever we must pack some glass, because we’ve sold it, we’re giving it as a gift to a friend… or we’re just packing up our stuff because either we’re moving into a bigger place (because of how big is our collection) or we’re putting it into storage, we must be very careful with the way we do it.

I will soon go on writing about this.


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