PORRO wine pitcher, Bengt Orup (Johanfors, 1952)


Bengt Orup designed this pitcher in 1952, the very same year he started working for Johansfors.

The design isn’t in fact as original as one might think, as it is clearly inspired by the traditional Spanish “porrón” (see picture below), which is used to pour the wine (usually red wine) straight into the drinker’s mouth, but he changed the traditional shape into one that seems to be absolutely accurate to its function while adopting a very modern and geometric look.  There is no doubt Orup knew about the porrón during a journey in Spain, (and I’d even dare to say in Catalonia, where it is called “porró”).


To drink from a porrón, a beginner starts by bringing the spout very close to his mouth and tilts it forward slowly so the beak points towards the teeth. Once the liquid starts coming out, the porró is pulled away from the face while the drinker looks up. To finish drinking, a beginner lowers the porrón and brings it back down and closer to the mouth again before stopping, quickly tilting the spout up at the last moment so there is no spillage. A regular user can start and stop drinking from the porrón with the spout held at a distance without spilling a drop.