PAJAZZO series, Nanny Still (Riihimäki Lasi Oy, 1970)


The PAJAZZO range (ref. 1301) was designed by NS in 1970. they were made in three colour combinations (yellow/red, yellow/green and yellow/blue) and three sizes (this wide one with 4 balls, standing 15 cm. tall, the one stading 26 cm. tall with 8 balls -4 at the top, 4 at the bottom- and another one standing just 21 cm. tall, also with 8 balls, all of them at the bottom of the vase… my dream would be getting this one in blue). I know there’s people who tries to collect the 9 possible combinations. Lucky those who can get them! The blue one is prety rare.

When I first saw this one I fell in love with it even if it didn’t fit at all with the glass line I was collecting at the time (simple and organic shapes, massive glass…) I guess that what’s great about these vases is this air of crazyness they have about them… there’s a mix of colours, an amazing texture and a funny shape with… titties? they’re not the KARTIO like stuff or the simplicity of Per Lütken’s organic shapes, they’re not utilitarian design like jugs or candleholders…. they are vases -and prety ornated ones… But they happen to be happy things and, if you let me be a little bit corny, sort of a “celebration of design”. Plus, they are fantastic stuff to hold in your hands, and that’s something not to be missed!

The word PAJAZZO means nothing in Finnish (not that I know) but it can be a phonetic trancripcion into Finnish of the Italian word PAGLIACCIO, clown. Also it reminds a lot like the same word in Spanish PAYASO, so with all those colours and textures i think she intended to make a clown… so maybe the balls on their walls might be the big nose and huge shoes of a clown. Some see in these vases the shapes of women but, as pointed out by vetraio50 from CW, they are clown noses, and according to La Commedia dell Arte, noses are variations of the theme of a “head with a member”…  so after all, they would be male genitalia.

26,2 x 13 cm. Signed: RIIHIMÄKI LASI. NANNY STILL.

15 x 17,2 cm. Signed: RIIHIMÄKI LASI. NANNY STILL.